How the Bahamas Became So Popular

By Esther Ma

There are a lot of places in the world to take a nice, tropical vacation, but the Bahamas is one of the most tropical places to visit when people are on vacation. The Bahamas was not always a place for tourists to relax on the beach, but an island that went through many struggles.

 The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and in the early 300 and 400 AD, people called the Lucayan, came to the island. They were peaceful people who lived there until Christopher Columbus “ discovered” the island and made them slaves because they were an easy target for him. Since then the Bahamas suffered from pirates and having it destroyed twice. Around the 1860’s, the Bahamas benefited by the U.S Civil War, which was a location to trade cotton. In 1898, The Hotel and Steam Ship Service Act provided the government support needed for the construction of hotels. After that, Americans started to go to the Bahamas because at the time, the Probation Act was still ongoing in the U.S. 

From that moment on, the Bahamas, especially the capital of the Bahamas has been one of the most tourists spot from the thirty inhabited islands. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau and it’s 179 miles from the coast of Florida and people get to these islands by plane or ferry. The island has multiple things to do like cliff jumping, relaxing on the beach, tours of the island…. etc. Check out this time lapse of Nassau on how the island became more of a tourist spot.

Screenshot of the Nassau, Bahamas in 2018

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